DSCC - DeMint or Snowe? Ayotte Won't Say

Daily Kos: NH-Sen: DeMint or Snowe? Ayotte Won't Say

Laura Clawson 9/12/09


This is taking the whole no-positions thing a little far:

After a 10-minute speech at the Shang Hai Restaurant, she fielded a number of questions from some of the 30 people who attended, but balked at providing many direct answers from a variety of questions that varied from her stand on states' rights, to whether her political philosophy was closer to that of Maine Republican Olympia Snowe or South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint.

"I can't identify with one person, but I would listen to the people of New Hampshire," Ayotte said, saying she had dealt with "tough cases and tough situations" and has never turned away from a fight.

According to CQ's party unity scores, Olympia Snowe votes with her party the least of any Republican in the Senate. DeMint votes with the Republicans 100% of the time.

Olympia Snowe might vote for a health care reform bill (though she'd gut it first). Jim DeMint wants health care reform to be Obama's Waterloo.

And Kelly Ayotte, the GOP's favored candidate for Senate in New Hampshire, will not say which of these current members of her party she would be closer to if she were elected. You can't even accuse her of being unprincipled, because she won't claim a principle to begin with.