Giuda Continues to Explore 2010 Congressional Run

Hon. Bob Giuda, Former Deputy Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, continued to explore a run for New Hampshire’s U.S. 2nd Congressional District seat in 2010.  

At a fundraiser held at the home of Hon. Robert and Mrs. Helen Rowe in Amherst on Sunday, Giuda told about 50 attendees that “out-of-control spending by Congress has increased the national debt to a level that is unsustainable”. He encouraged people to “just do the math” and use common sense with respect to the proposed government takeover of health care, asking “how can we add 47 million people to a health care system, with no increase in the number of doctors and hospitals, and honestly tell the American people that service will improve and costs will go down?” On Cap-and-Trade, Giuda commented, “Cap-and-Trade will harm U.S. businesses – and only U.S. businesses – by adding additional regulations and an energy tax on energy producers and users – adding as much as $3,000 per year (CBO figures) to the energy costs of every household in the United States, and creating an additional $367 billion revenue stream for an already out-of-control federal government.” 

Giuda, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former United States Marine Corps officer, has been a Selectman and Chairman of the Board, 3-term State Representative and Deputy Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House. When asked what would distinguish him from other candidates, Giuda stated, “Two things:  experience and leadership.” Giuda was the sole NH House sponsor of a successful Constitutional amendment that protected private property rights by limiting government’s power of eminent domain. He was also instrumental in passing federal legislation to train and arm airline pilots to defend against hijackings, and was prime sponsor of a bill that resulted in U.S. House hearings that exposed atrocities being committed by foreign military forces in the disputed territory of Kashmir. 

Giuda, 57, and wife Christine, a former Navy Nurse, have been married for 28 years, and reside in Warren, NH. They have 3 grown children.