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Has our Government ever threatened the "Rights of American Citizens"?

by Bob Hanafin, Staff Writer

Fellow Veterans Today writer CWO3 Tom Barnes posted an article "Navy Lawyers File Motion to Halt Proceedings Against Alleged Terrorist" that I almost missed the point of until I read Tom's comment quoted below that sums up why so many American Patriots are sincerely concerned about the excesses of our government over the past decade or so.

"There is a difference between arresting, apprehending and incarcerating a dangerous human being who poses a real threat to all of us and constructing an entire "judicial system" apart from American legal standards to more or less set him up to be executed.

These "special courts" [at GITMO] are one of the very hallmarks of a totalitarian society. This is the sort of thing that the Soviets used to do. I am swiftly becoming numb to this stuff. If this can happen to these people, innocent, crazy, guilty or religiously deluded, it can happen to all of us. You and I are in just as much danger of being subjected to "special courts" as these people are. I am not so much worried about their rights being abrogated as I am worried about my own rights. What in the hell is going on in my country? CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)"


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