Transform America's College Campuses

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Last November you and I witnessed unprecedented levels of young people turn toward the political left, registered to vote, and got involved with grassroots politics for the first time -- as Obama supporters.

The left used new, Internet-based forms of communication to attract America's youth. And now conservatives will fight back.

That's why I'm asking you please to personally assist me with, a Leadership Institute project which will help an extraordinary number of conservative students fight leftist abuses and bias on their own college campuses. will include: a subsite for each of the 2,376 four-year colleges and universities in the country; a local and national networking and resource center with up-to-date activism ideas and blog posts chronicling the front lines of our fight on campus; tools for student activists to review biased textbooks, rate leftist professors, and report liberal abuses on campus; access to information on national conservative groups and legal organizations providing programs and services to students; and much more.

For thirty years, the Leadership Institute has helped to train and place conservatives in all levels of the public policy process. LI has trained over 74,000 activists to date, more than 9,200 in 2008 alone.

Campus Reform opens to the public on September 15, 2009, as students return to college. Please visit today to sign in and learn more about this exciting new project to increase the number of battles for conservative principles on America's college campuses!

The greater our numbers, the more victories we'll win on campus this year.