CEI - Fight Global Warming Scare Tactics - FOIA-WOW!

CEI has two issues that might interest you today, to blog, write or tweet about.


First, in documents obtained this week by CEI, the Treasury Department acknowledged, in previously internal discussions, that global warming cap-and-trade legislation would cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.  You may have noticed that most proponents of cap-and-trade energy restrictions won't even acknowledge it amounts to a tax on consumers and energy use.  CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner got that admission out of the department through a FOIA request. 


> See the item in Tuesday's Washington Times about it

> See the pdf FOIA document

> Read about the FOIA request on GlobalWarming.org


Second, CEI has a new website and letter-writing campaign for grassroots activists: FreedomAction.org.  As an initial campaign, we have a letter campaign on the EPA/globalwarming whistleblower scandal.  Activists can write their own letter and/or choose a list of specific action items, such as urging the EPA to allow the public to submit comments on the global warming report the agency tried to suppress.  In light of this week's FOIA news and the hundreds of billions at stake, the letter writing campaign seems more timely than ever.


> See the FreedomAction campaign and write a letter to the EPA

> Read more about the EPA whistleblower scandal