Franklin Center - A New Resource to Safeguard Transparency

Journalism Meets 21st Century Technology

Bismarck, ND September 16- Traditional journalism will meet 21st century technology, as the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity ( launched its website today.

“This website embodies the standards of traditional journalism, while incorporating the use of new-media technology and techniques,” said Franklin Center President Jason Stverak. “Our organization aims to provide journalists with the training and the new media tools necessary to ensure transparency in the public sector.”

At the heart of the Franklin Center’s mission is a belief that new technology can advance the cause of transparency in government. The organization was founded to train, advise and provide technical support to investigative reporters at state-based journalistic non-profit groups, as well as traditional media outlets and citizen investigators.

“The support that we provide will help traditional reporters transition into a new age of information availability,” Mr. Stverak said. “The information may be there; but if journalists are not well versed in the latest technology and investigative techniques then we will see a less transparent world around us.”

The launch of the website is just the beginning. The Franklin Center and its website are constantly expanding its services so that journalists can have every possible resource to fulfill their role as watchdog for the people.

The Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity is a 501(c)3 non-profit group dedicated to supporting journalists at the state and local level. Interested parties can visit for more information.

One of the most important parts of the website is its "Resources" page. The site provides journalists and citizen investigators of all stripes with the means to thoroughly investigate and document government waste and malfeasance. The Franklin Center site features guides to many investigative tools that every journalist should know, including Freedom of Information Act requests, computer assisted reporting resources and database access.

The Franklin Story also dedicates a piece of the website to stories which chronicle the advances of new media in journalism, as well as investigative works. Check the Feature Story section regularly to find out how new media is shaping the new face of journalism and investigative work. The current feature story examines the influence that new media tools have had in the aftermath of the Iranian election.

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