NetRight Daily: Nails ACORN Nails ACORN:  Yesterday, the House voted 345-75 to approve the "Defund ACORN Act." This followed action in the Senate this week, which voted 83-7 to prohibit ACORN from receiving housing grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The House legislation will now proceed to the Senate.

After 9-12, Where Do TEA Partiers Go?:  When over a million people gather in one place to speak about issues, that may be the maturing of a political movement. Add in the thousands who attended related 9-12 events across the country or gathered to greet a bus caravan dubbed the Tea Party Express and the number approaches 2 million. These are not just voters, but activists motivated for a cause – and they are the people who can truly win elections by being the ground force both local and national candidates need to succeed.

Rationing By Any Other Name...:  We critics of ObamaCare may have been doing ourselves a bit of a disservice over the past few months by focusing on health care "rationing."

Check out this video of Gov. Jim Douglas discussing Health Care and other topics.

Taxation Without Representation:  This was the cry of the American colonies in 1765 when the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. This was the first British attempt at direct taxation designed to raise revenue rather then regulate trade. The American response was an almost complete boycott of British made goods until the Stamp Act was repealed.

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