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Promoting Army & Veteran Suicides: "Framed" with Bad Discharges

by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

It all began as a Bush era program, promoted by Dr. Sally Satel, the famed "PTSD denialist" putting thousands of soldiers at risk and pushing hundreds to suicide.  Thousands of veterans lost all benefits, GI Bill, medical care and more through Army discharge scam, part of Neo-con "cost saving program"

How did it work?  Simple.  A very large percentage of combat vets with PTSD are problem drinkers, self medicating in the only way they can and, in the process, getting worse and worse.  Re-deployments of soldiers needing treatment only adds to the problem.  When vets with severe PTSD demonstrate severe symptoms, including alcohol abuse, they are put in short and unproven "quit" programs with an extremely high failure rate.  This is all part of a game, one invented to trap soldiers and cut costs.


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