CHQ - VIDEO: Editor Richard Viguerie Pushes Tea Party Leaders

VIDEO: Editor Richard Viguerie Trains Tea Party Leaders to Challenge Big Government Politicians in Elections On Sept. 11, 2009, editor Richard A. Viguerie hosted a seminar that trained 140 Tea Party leaders on how to challenge Big Government politicians in elections. "It's time that we as conservatives go on the offense," said Viguerie to the grassroots leaders who had traveled to Washington D.C. for a march against Big Government politicians. "Challenge politicians in both parties." [watch and comment]

ReasonTV Interviews Editor Richard Viguerie on the Future of Conservatism Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch talks with Editor Richard Viguerie in July at Freedom Fest about the state of conservatism, both under the Bush administration and currently under President Barack Obama. [watch and comment] Editor Richard Viguerie Says Health Care System Plagued by 'Too Much Government' Viguerie slams Obama's claim that it is a 'moral imperative' that health care reform include a public option for health insurance. Viguerie writes: "Conservatives and independents at the tea parties, town halls and beyond believe it is a moral imperative to stop burdening the next generations with trillion-dollar deficits." [read and comment]

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