NRCC - Shea-Porter's Office Declined

The Concord Monitor did a run down on New Hampshire’s Congressional representatives and their August recess schedules.  Shira Schoenberg at the Monitor reports that “Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's office declined to release a detailed schedule.”  I wouldn’t want to talk about it either.  Check out some of the headlines Shea-Porter earned over the break……Don’t miss a must-read at the end.


Shea-Porter to Speak at Liberal Blog Forum; No Town Halls Schedule (Now! Hampshire, 8/14/09)


Shea-Porter Under Fire Because She Hasn’t Held Any Town Halls (Josh Kraushaar, Politico’s Scorecard, 8/19/09)


Ducking Duo: Hodes, Shea-Porter Look Bad (Editorial, New Hampshire Union Leader, 8/18/09)


Granite Staters Disagree With Hodes, Shea-Porter Town Hall Avoidance (Now! Hampshire, 8/19/09)


Shea-Porter Hears Tough Talk On Health Care (Geoff Cunningham, Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/20/09)


Our Spending Twins: Hodes, Shea-Porter Can’t Say No (Editorial, New Hampshire Union Leader, 8/21/09)


Politico: The August Recess Casualty List

By Josh Kraushaar

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.)

Live by the sword; die by the sword.

Prior to winning her seat in 2006, Shea-Porter won attention by asking pointed questions at the town halls held by the incumbent she defeated, former GOP Rep. Jeb Bradley. In 2005, she was escorted out of a town hall meeting featuring Bush.

Now in her second term in Congress, Shea-Porter is suddenly less enamored of the town hall format. She recently agreed to hold open health care

town hall meetings — but only after facing sharp criticism from the local media and from Republicans.

Shea-Porter is still vulnerable enough — she hasn’t topped 52 percent in her two House elections — that the flap could prove to be extremely damaging.

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