CEI - Comment on Obama-UN global warming speech

In case you are covering or commenting on President Obama's speech to the UN today on the subject of global warming, I thought you might find the following comments helpful. 


1 - CEI global warming policy expert Myron Ebell called the speech "fantasy" and blasted the president's policy prescriptions as "energy rationing and energy poverty disguised as growth and prosperity." Ebell contrasted the fantasy and reality -- for example...

Obama: “More frequent drought and crop failures breed hunger and conflict in places where hunger and conflict already thrive.” 

Reality: there is no upward global trend in major droughts.  Reversals in large-scale cycles have meant that the southward march of the Sahara Desert into the Sahel has been reversed in recent years and the Sahara is now shrinking.  >Read the OpenMarket.org blog post by Myron Ebell.

2 - CEI Senior Fellow Iain Murray praised one item in Obama's speech - his pledge to work with the G-20 to end fossil fuel subsidies.  >Read the OpenMarket.org blog post by Iain Murray.


Let me know if you'd like to interview Myron Ebell or Iain Murray about President Obama's speech.  Follow ongoing commentary on global warming at globalwarming.org.