NH GOP - Keep The Momentum Going

Let me get right to the point: I'm enthusiastically supporting Ted Gatsas for Mayor of Manchester, and am asking you to please help me in making sure Ted wins.

Electing Ted is not just important for Manchester, but also for the Republican Party.

The New Hampshire Republican Party is on the move! We Republicans have won two special Legislative elections this year by double-digit margins and there is no better way to keep our momentum going as the 2010 elections near than with a great victory this November by Ted Gatsas.

Ted Gatsas will be an outstanding Mayor of Manchester. An Alderman and State Senator, Ted is committed to our Republican agenda of low taxes, limited government, local control, and personal responsibility. He has offered a sound plan for building a better Manchester and will provide strong leadership in tackling the challenges facing the City.

Ted's opponent is Mark Roy, a very liberal Democrat who puts his trust in big government, not people. Rather than address the issues that concern the citizens of Manchester, the Roy campaign and the special interests behind his candidacy are attacking Ted and pulling out all the stops to defeat him. They are determined to move the City backwards.

Your financial support is needed today to help Ted Gatsas fight back against the negative attacks and keep a Republican in the Mayor's office.

Can I count on you to please make as generous a contribution as you can to Ted Gatsas for Mayor right now? Please click here to contribute online.

Many thanks, and I look forward to celebrating another Republican victory with you.