NH House Republicans Begin the Charge to Cut Spending & Taxes

Concord—House Republicans have wasted little time in setting the tone for the upcoming legislative session.  If the minority party under Rep. Sherman Packard (r-Londonderry) has their way, the next session will once again be a battle over high taxes and increased spending.  This week marked the first opportunity for legislators to file legislation for the 2010 session.  On Monday, House Republican leadership delivered six bills to repeal taxes and return money back to the cities and towns, while at the same time cutting the overspending that has been the mantra of the Democrats since they took control of the New Hampshire House three years ago.

 “Back in April we offered an alternative budget that balanced the state budget without creating any new taxes or raising any of the existing taxes.  But the Democrats chose to ignore our suggestions and instead proposed a budget that would cost the taxpayers of New Hampshire $133 million in additional property taxes,” said Packard.  “While budgets across the country saw an average two percent decrease in their state spending, the Democrats in Concord increased state spending by nearly 7 percent.

In the last session, State House Democrats passed more than 30 tax and fee increases that, added to the nearly two dozen increases in the previous biennium, brought the total to over 50 new or increased taxes and fees under their leadership.  This week House Republicans filed legislation to:

     Restore revenue sharing to cities and towns.

     Repeal the $30 surcharge on motor vehicle registrations.

     Repeal the “campground” that was added on to the Rooms & Meals Tax.

     Repeal the LLC tax.

     Repeal the freeze on the share of Rooms & Meals taxes that goes to municipalities.


According to Rep. Packard the House Republicans will be prepared to offer matching cuts to make sure that the repeal of any taxes does not have a negative impact on an already huge budget deficit.

 “The Democrats didn’t care to listen to us last April and they probably will ignore the citizens of this state again this session.  But Republicans are committed to a balanced budget and cutting the necessary taxes and spending to accomplish this.  It’s time for us to return to fiscal sanity and put an end to the ‘income tax’ talk that Democrats have recently brought to the table*,” concluded Packard.

* http://tinyurl.com/yda34ej