ALG Response to NBC Accusations on Politico: "We did our due diligence."

Carter Clews, Director of Communications, Americans for Limited Government


We at Americans for Limited Government are saddened that instead of helping us to get to the bottom of the hateful email that was indeed sent from NBC's server, and this can be verified, and was not tampered with, which can also be verified, that NBC President Steve Capus has instead chosen to circle the wagons and protect what is indefensible with hysterical, frantic accusations

This email has left a digital footprint that is undeniable.  We did our due diligence.  We have confirmed that it indeed came from NBC's server and Jane Stone's email address. 

As before, we renew our offer that we made to both Ms. Stone and NBC President Capus over the phone today to get to the bottom of who sent this email from Ms. Stone's Blackberry email address.  That offer remains open, and we would like it very much if both Ms. Stone and NBC would issue an apology to both Americans for Limited Government, and Mr. Alex Rosenwald, who was the target of this hateful email.