CEI Weekly: CEI Challenges UN Global Warming Alarmism

>>CEI Makes Waves in Climate Change Debate

Last week CEI made available documents obtained from the Treasury Department that contained the Administration's predictions on the costs of cap and trade. This week coverage of the costs continue, as recorded in ABC News and The Washington Times. Additionally, CEI's Chris Horner has responded to rebuttals attempting to downplay the significance of the documents.

As climate change has become the focus of the United Nations, CEI's Iain Murray has taken on the science presented at the UN. Also, CEI's Myron Ebell has stated that climate change is a fantasy in numerous news sources such as in The New York TimesFoxnews.com, and The Pittsburgh Tribune Review.


>>[VIDEO] CEI's Lee Doren on Glenn Beck

CEI's Lee Doren was invited onto the Glenn Beck show to talk about his video response, "The Story of Stuff," to a video being shown in elemantary schools across the country. See all of Lee's responses on on his YouTube channel, How the World Works .

>>Shaping the Debate 

Cap-and-Trade Will Depress Home Prices

Ryan Young's op-ed in Politico

Car-Free Crusade is Absurd

Sam Kazman's quotation in the Detroit News  

Is the FCC Neutralizing Innovation?

Ryan Young's op-ed in the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone

Swift Response to Net Neutrality Proposals

Ryan Radia's quotation in the San Francisco Chronicle

>>Best of the Blogs

"No Way" to San Jose

by Angela Logomasini

In recent years, the San Jose City Hall has led the way in stupid environmental environmental policies.  Several years ago, they were among one of the first cities  (along with San Francisco and Salt Lake City) to ban bottled water in government agencies based on questionable environmental claims.  Now they are banning stores from giving away shopping bags of any kind.  Plastic bags will be banned altogether and stores providing paper bags must charge a fee only provide bags made with 40 percent recycled material.

Gypsy Cabs Coming Soon to DC?

by Ivan Osorio

If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn, you’ve almost certainly seen firsthand the shortage of taxis that has been created by New York City’s licensing restrictions, known as the “medallion” system. Under this system, only a limited number of licensed cabs are allowed to run in the city. . .  Taxicab medallion restrictions result in artificially high entry costs for new drivers and less lower quality service for passengers. Yet, two District of Columbia city council members, Jim Graham and Muriel Bowser, are trying to impose a similar system in the nation’s capital.

Rent-Seeking Utilities: You Reap What You Sow

by Marlo Lewis

Yesterday, in State of Connecticut et al. v. American Electric Power et al., the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals decided that states and other plaintiffs have the right to sue five electric utilities – American Electric Power, Cinergy, Southern Co., Excel Energy, and the Tennessey Valley Authority – for creating a ”public nuisance” by emitting CO2 and, thus, contributing to global warming. . . These utilities for years have lobbied for carbon cap-and-trade schemes. Instead of opposing climate alarmism, they have helped promote it.

 >>Liberty Week Podcast

Episode 61: How About FCC Neutrality?

We start with the FCC’s just-announced proposal for “net neutrality,” Treasury documents that reveal the true cost of cap-and-trade legislation and the plan for getting over California’s great depression. We then move on to the G20 Summit’s potential path to prosperity and the ever-expanding scandal that is ACORN.

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