Daily Grind: More Desperate Moves From Congress

Congress to Humana, "Shutup - or Else!"
In an outrageous attack on dissent aimed at Humana Inc., a major health insurer is being investigated for the crime of communicating its concerns about health care legislation to its enrollees.

BaucusCare: A NICE Alternative to ObamaCare
BaucusCare launches an all-out frontal assault on Medicare and legally sanctions exactly the sort of rationing of health services most feared by those leery of the public option in ObamaCare.

The Overnights from NetRight Nation
Adam Bitely, Executive Director of NetRight Nation, reports on what is going on in the blogosphere and how they take on Obama nominees.

ALG in the News: Nathan Mehrens on The Grandy & Andy Morning Show
Nathan Mehrens from ALG's Research Department discuss a few of Obama's nominees on WMAL.