FreeKeeneNews - VIDEO: Pot Smokers Help Stranded Motorist While Police Stand Around

During 9/23’s Cannabis Celebration several shiftless, lazy, loser, do nothing, jobless, brain dead marijuana smokers assisted a broken-down motorist while Keene’s police stood around. Police scanner audio reveals an officer actually asked his supervisor for permission to go help the motorist, instead of just going and doing it. All the cops were doing was standing on the outside edge of the traffic circle, parked in the way of traffic, talking to participants in the celebration. He asked permission to walk fifty feet over to the broken- down motorist! How micromanaged are these guys? (You can hear the police audio on the forum discussion thread here:

You need to be logged in to see and download them. Accounts are free, of course!) The footage of the community service by the recreational tokers starts at 1:21 -

Of course, the typical comment on the news articles about this story has basically been:
“Useless losers – get a job! Get a life!”

Fact is, cannabis consumers are mostly responsible, upstanding members of society. Same with alcohol. Open your eyes, angry ones. These people are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family, whether you want to believe it or not.

They don’t belong in cages.