NetRight Daily: ACORN Falls Further

ACORN's Corporate Donors Backing Off:  Corporations that have given ACORN millions of dollars over the years are now cancelling their donations in the wake of videotape revelations of employees of the infamous community organization giving advice on mortgage fraud, tax evasion, prostitution, and child sex slavery.

Congress to Humana, "Shut Up or Else!":  In an outrageous and un-American attack on dissent aimed at Humana Inc., a major health insurer is being investigated for the crime of communicating its concerns about health care legislation to its enrollees.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) talks about Health Care.

Barack Obama's Dance With Despots:  We now have a President of the United States whose most avid plaudits come from two-bit, tin-horn Marxist dictators who have spent their entire adult lives imprisoning, murdering, and maiming their enslaved minions.

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