CHQ - Calling Conservatives Racists: Liberals Have Tried That for 50 Years

Calling Conservatives Racists: The oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in American Politics
In an article in American Thinker, conservative pioneer Richard Viguerie, who's played a key role in building the movement since the early 1960s, has seen first hand for almost 50 years the liberal attempts to tar conservatives as racists. Viguerie was there when the liberal smears were far worse than they are now, what we did about them then, and how to handle them now. [find the story at news from the front]

Richard Viguerie urges conservatives to put the liberals on the defensive
A new video features short excerpts of Richard Viguerie's training seminar for Tea Party leaders during their recent march on Washington, D.C. Viguerie says conservatives should go on the offensive. "You are the leader you have been waiting for." He also urges most of the GOP Congressional leaders be replaced. Watch the video and enter your comments on it in his blog.

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