CHQ - The "Complete" Ted Kennedy; Scary Facts About Obamacare; 2010 RINO Leverage

Here are some articles you may have missed over the past few days:


Richard A. Viguerie: Ted Kennedy Cannonized by Media By Richard A. Viguerie
"When it comes to public policy and politics, Kennedy was highly partisan and even mean spirited. He had acid on his tongue and pen, which he would, without hesitation, use against conservatives..." [read the blog here]

Quick Facts About Obamacare By Art Kelly
"Obamacare is the most anti-senior bill ever introduced in Congress. It seeks to eliminate those who they consider to be a burden on society." [read the blog here]

Leverage: Hit Them Where it Hurts in 2010 By CHQ Staff
"For conservatives looking to throw out unprincipled Republicans, the 2010 primaries are key. It's never too early to begin working against unprincipled, Big Government Republicans, and replacing them with principled, limited government conservatives. The TEA party and town hall firestorm that swept through the grassroots community should serve as a valuable lesson for conservative activists looking to make a tangible difference." [read the blog here]


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