NetRight Daily: The ObamaCare Gang of Six Breaks Up

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Thousands have already written in to their Senator to tell them to Vote No on Cass Sunstein. If you haven't written to yours yet, please do so now! Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


The ObamaCare Gang of Six Breaks Up: If one recalls, the Gang of Six was the posse that had strolled through the dusty streets of the District of Columbia, promising a so-called "bipartisan" plan on health care. It was one of those grand compromises that feels just like a knife in the backs of the American people. But now the Gang has turned in their spurs--and the members have returned to their formative partisan camps.


Tea Parties: Can More Really Achieve Less?: Those who organized the local TEA Parties have banded together to create numerous local chapters of small-government political groups but were rarely among those in the circle normally attending local political events. The labels "tea-bagger" or "Astroturf" placed on the pro-liberty side by left-leaning network pundits and Democratic Party leadership, couldn't be farther from the truth.


The War on the People's Romance (Part 1): When average everyday American citizens come home from work, they almost invariably drive on a congested highway owned and maintained by the government, often on the way to an overcrowded government school to pick up their children. And before they pull into the garage, they check on their mail from the government-run bankrupt post office.


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