The Congressional Recess Is Almost Over And Hodes Still Hasn’t Announced Plans For A Town Hall Meeting


CONCORD – With only days remaining in the Congressional recess, Paul Hodes is still refusing to announce any public plans for a face-to-face town hall meeting on health care. On Sunday, the Concord Monitor reported that Mr. Hodes is secretly planning a health care event in Nashua this week, but he has yet to reveal any details to his constituents.


“Paul Hodes needs to stop playing games and immediately announce his plans to the public,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “Mr. Hodes must hold a traditional town hall meeting – not a “tele-town hall,” or a panel, or a forum – on heath care before the end of the Congressional recess. New Hampshire voters expect and deserve nothing less from their elected representatives.”


Congressman Hodes has spent the entire recess meeting with liberal bloggers, campaign contributors and special interest groups. He has also insulted New Hampshire voters who disagree with his disastrous agenda, implying that they are unsophisticated and intellectually inferior to those who support a government run heath care system. In a recent interview with Fosters Daily Democrat, Hodes referred to frustrated taxpayers who oppose the Democrat’s health care proposal as members of the “flat earth society.”


“Over the past few weeks, Paul Hodes has let down his constituents by insulting their intelligence and refusing to answer their questions about his support for a government takeover of health care. He has reminded voters across New Hampshire that he’s been a poor Congressman and he would make an even worse Senator,” said Williams.