CHQ - Feud: Would We Be Better Off Had McCain Won?

Beck/Levin Debate: Would We Be Better Off Had McCain Won?
Race 4 2012 - An unfortunate sideshow in the current debacle over health care reform can be found in the world of conservative talk radio. Icons Mark Levin and Glenn Beck are currently feuding over Beck's statement that suggests the country is better off with Obama as president, rather than McCain. Who is right? [Find this story at News From the Front]

The Beginning of the Next Great Revolution Blog - Instead of the end to the Tea Party protests, the giant march in Washington is the beginning of a much wider grassroots movement that will shake the core of the political establishment and send it toppling down from the ivory towers. The lessons learned from Tea Parties held in the last few months have given grassroots activists critical skills they can use to challenge Big Government socialists at every level of government. This is the Left's worst nightmare, and America's best hope for freedom. [read the article and comment here]


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