NetRight Daily: Why is Rangel Still Here?

Why is Rangel Still Here?:  Glenn Beck launched an attack against the Obama administration's "green jobs" director Van Jones in the last week of August. By Labor Day, Jones was FOX-kill. Compare that to the results achieved by The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of which have called for New York Rep. Charles Rangel to step down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. The newspapers began urging Rangel to step aside back in 2008; it's now close to 2010 and Rangel hasn't budged.

The "Public Option" or Bust:  Barack Obama's entire presidency is now hopelessly tethered to the success of the cornerstone of his health care policy: the so-called "public option." Without it, his administration will have failed inside of its first year pursuing a policy that most Americans find to be a monstrous growth of government into a sector that works well for the more than 280 million Americans who have health coverage.

Appointment Watch:  ALG Research takes a look at Valerie Jarrett and John Holdren.

Opportunity or Dependency?:  Despite what its detractors might say, the fact remains that the Republican Party is the party of opportunity.  Contrast the historical success of this approach with the historical failure of the opposite approach, dependency, taken by the Liberals and currently embraced by the Democratic Party.

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