Private school aligns with NHLA goals to support free market approaches and competition in education

MANCHESTER, N.H.―The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance donated $500 from its Civic Action Fund to Scholars' Academy, an independent day school for academically gifted students ages 5 to 12 in the Greater Manchester area.

In making its donation, the Liberty Alliance board of directors noted how Scholars' Academy provides parents with a choice for educating their gifted children outside the public school system. The academy is privately funded and does not accept taxpayer dollars or any other money obtained through government coercion.

“The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance's donation to Scholars' Academy aligns with our mission of supporting voluntary transactions instead of government compulsion,” said Mark Warden, vice chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. “Scholars' Academy supports a free market approach and competition in education, which we believe increases the quality of outcomes while reducing costs in the provision of educational services.”

Scholars' Academy supports an emergent, hands-on, authentic and responsive curriculum that includes thematic interdisciplinary units, real-world experiences, project-based study and traditional direct instruction to create true individualized learning opportunities that engage each student and exceed national and state standards. Such innovation derived from a free market approach complements the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance's mission to protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility, particularly with regard to voluntary economic decisions.

The academy, which is located at 1701 Hooksett Road in Hooksett, charges $7,500 in annual tuition for each student. Full and partial scholarships are available. In comparison, the taxpayer funded cost per pupil is $10,015 in the Manchester School District and $9,121 in the Hooksett School District, according to the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance tapped its Civic Action Fund for its donation to Scholars' Academy. The fund, which currently exceeds $1,500, was generated by Liberty Alliance members who volunteered their time at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon. The speedway allows volunteers to work full days at the track for a charity of their choice.

The alliance's Civic Action Fund was incorporated to assist community projects that are privately funded. The Liberty Alliance is always seeking information about organizations such as Scholars' Academy that can benefit from volunteer contributions. Suggestions may be sent to board@nhliberty.org.


About the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire by monitoring bills under consideration in the state legislature and analyzing them according to their impact on liberty. The NHLA is responsible for the weekly Gold Standard pro-liberty guide for state lawmakers and the annual Liberty Rating report card, a voter tool that provides grades for state representatives and senators based on their pro-liberty and anti-liberty votes. The NHLA also encourages private charity, a civil society and citizen involvement. The board is always looking for the next situation where some voluntary, non-governmental funds could help New Hampshire residents. E-mail suggestions to board@nhliberty.org.

About Scholars' Academy

The Scholars' Academy is a private, independent day school dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational program that serves the needs of academically gifted students ages 5 to 12. We recognize that gifted students have unique interests, needs and talents. Our mission is to provide an optimal environment for the development of our gifted students' intellectual, artistic, social and emotional abilities and to honor their diversity through a research-based, individualized curriculum that inspires curiosity, personal growth and academic achievement.