Concord, NH - In an article published in today's seacoastonline.com, House Speaker, Terie Norelli, stated that she would be "open-minded" in exploring future revenue schemes for the state, including the implementation of an income tax.


Commenting on the Speaker's remarks, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, said the following: "Once again, the Speaker is demonstrating just how out of touch she is with New Hampshire voters. Has she not heard anything the people have been saying at the recent town hall meetings? The public is fed-up with out of control government spending both on the federal and state levels. Rather than holding a summit to examine new tax revenue schemes for the state, the Speaker ought to be holding a summit to examine all areas of state spending to determine where tax-payer dollars can bebetter spent."


In the article, the Speaker indicates that "aneconomic summit will be held in Concord this fall 'to try to figure out whether the way we do things in New Hampshire is working' — and all revenue sources would be on the table."