NH DOC - Inmates Assist State in Building New Recreation Trail

(Berlin, NH) The New Hampshire Department of Corrections announces that an inmate work crew is assisting the New Hampshire Trails Bureau to build a new recreation trail within Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin. A supervised crew of ten to twelve minimum security inmates from the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin started work on the project in June. They are cutting trees, clearing brush, clearing the beaches, and raking leaves.


Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn said, “This is a positive way for offenders to give back to the community while opening up opportunities for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.”


The work crew is under the supervision of a certified Corrections Officer at all times and the facility attempts to bring the crew to the site several times a week.


The 150 mile multi-purpose trail could take several years to complete and will include scenic views, camping and boating accessibility. According to Christopher J. Gamache, Supervisor of Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles for the Trails Bureau, the Jericho Trail project is receiving additional volunteer assistance from local snowmobile/ATV clubs.