ALEC - Cap and Trade Alert: Biggest State losers

The U.S. Senate is expected to continue working on Cap-and-Trade legislation later this month. While we know the U.S. House version of Cap-and-Trade legislation, H.R. 2454, also known as Waxman-Markey, will have negative impacts on the U.S. economy, it’s important to note how the legislation would impact your state specifically and how your state compares to others. No one will escape the economic burdens this legislation will impose, but some fare far worse than others.


Find out if your state is among Waxman-Markey’s “Biggest Losers” by visiting ALEC’s Cap-and-Trade webpage. You can also click on your state to see individual state results including rankings on the following measures: gross state product loss per capita, job loss, electricity cost increases per household, and gas price increases per gallon.All rankings are based on state-level data published recently from the Heritage Foundation.Note that these results are annual averages over the time period 2012 – 2035 which makes for a truly alarming cost imposition on American families and businesses. For more on the Heritage report, visit their website at


Here’s a sneak peak at Waxman-Markey’s “Biggest Losers.”Remember, even if your state is not listed in the top ten, you’re still a loser under this bill!



Biggest Losers


Top Ten “Biggest Losers” Overall

Top Ten “Biggest Losers” in Job Loss

Top Ten “Biggest Losers” in GSP Loss Per Capita

Top Ten “Biggest Losers” in Electricity Cost Increases Per Household

Top Ten “Biggest Losers” in Gas Price Increases Per Gallon

1. Connecticut

1. California

1. Delaware

1. Hawaii

1. Alabama

2. California

2. Texas

2. Connecticut

2. Connecticut

2. Hawaii

3. Hawaii

3. Florida

3. Wyoming

3. Texas

3. California

4. Ohio

4. New York

4. Alaska

4. Florida

3. Michigan

4. Pennsylvania

5. Illinois

5. New York

5. Maryland

5. Indiana

6. Texas

6. Pennsylvania

6. Massachusetts

6. Alaska

5. Washington

7. Massachusetts

7. Ohio

7. New Jersey

7. Louisiana

5. West Virginia

8. North Carolina

8. Michigan

8. Louisiana

8. Missouri

8. North Dakota

9. New Jersey

9. North Carolina

9. Illinois

9. North Carolina

9. Connecticut

10. Maryland

10. Georgia

10. Hawaii

10. South Carolina

9. Ohio

10. New York




9. Wisconsin





9. Iowa