CHQ - Democrats Should Be Branded As Soft On Muslim Terrorism

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@RichardViguerie    For decades Democrats lost elections because they were soft on communism. Now Democrats should be branded as soft on Muslim terrorism. #tcot

Illinois Republican Senate Primary May be a Test Case for the Effectiveness of Tea Parties

Red State - "February 2, 2010 is the Illinois Republican Primary. Less than one month away. Patrick Hughes is running an upstart campaign against the would be Republican nominee, Mark Kirk. Patrick Hughes is as far right as Kirk is as far left.

"Patrick Hughes aims to harness the conservatives and tea party activists in Illinois who feel marginalized by Kirk and the Democrats further to the left of him. On Friday, Mark Levin endorsed Patrick Hughes and urged conservatives to rally to Patrick Hughes in this last month before the primary."

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New Poll in Mass Special Senate Election Has Republican Brown Up By 1   

Politico - "Republicans have a very real chance at orchestrating a Massachusetts miracle in this month's special Senate election to determine Ted Kennedy's successor, at least according to a new Democratic poll.

"The shocking poll from Public Policy Polling shows Republican state Sen. Scott Brown leading Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley by 1 point, 48 percent to 47 percent, which would mean the race is effectively tied."

In Texas, Congressman Hall's Tea Party Rivals Up the Ante    
Dallas Morning News- Congressional candidate Jerry Ray Hall has vowed to "match [Republican] Rep. Ralph Hall dollar for dollar. The incumbent's campaign account had about $238,000 as of his last FEC report, and Jerry Ray Hall said he had put just a bit more than that into his own campaign account to level the playing field.

"Congressman Hall is seeking a 16th term, and he has five challengers in the March primary, at least three of whom say they've drawn inspiration from the Tea Party movement."

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Daily Lickskillet A reporter called from the Washington Lurker.

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