Guinta For Congress - Carol Shea-Porter to New Hampshire: An Ethical, Honest and Open Government Doesn't Matter

Shea-Porter Campaigns On Open Government, But Governs Behind Closed Doors

Manchester, NH – Despite years of campaigning on a platform of promoting a more open and ethical government, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has been oddly silent on the decision of her friend Nancy Pelosi to shut the public out of the Health Care Bill negotiations.  The bills passed by the House and the Senate now need to be combined and a compromise bill is expected in the next few weeks. 

Traditionally, these types of debates are open for public scrutiny, this time; Pelosi has demanded the negotiations be behind closed doors.  Shea-Porter, who stood by Pelosi’s side when the House version of health care was originally announced, has not addressed the complete lack of transparency that you used to champion. 

 “This is hypocrisy pure and simple.  Carol Shea-Porter uses the word ‘transparency’ as a campaign slogan, but when it comes down to it, she and her colleagues refuse to practice what they preach,” said Frank Guinta, 1st District Congressional Candidate. “My questions to Carol Shea-Porter are simple. Is it open to close out the American people on a bill that roughly equals 1/6 of our economy?  Is it honest to hide the true cost of this legislation by using budgetary gimmicks and is it ethical to buy the votes of members of Congress?”

 “This health care legislation, either in the house or the senate form, is bad for New Hampshire’s families and small businesses.  It increases taxes, cuts Medicare, puts a billion dollar cost increase on New Hampshire’s already struggling budget through a Medicaid mandate. It is time that Carol Shea-Porter demand the curtain is pulled back on these negotiations and it is time to scrap this horrible legislation and propose some real reforms that will reduce costs and open access.”

Frank Guinta has proposed a plan for real health care reform that includes TORT reform, allowing the purchasing of insurance across state lines to increase competition, and letting small businesses pool together to get the same rates as bigger ones.  His entire plan can be seen at