NetRight Daily: Health Care Opposition Grows in States

In Virginia, Health Care Opposition Grows:  Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (R-VA) wrote to Attorney General Bill Mims (R-VA) about the constitutionality of several provisions in the Senate Health Care Bill. The opinion from Mims on the matter is informative.

The Plot Thickens With Erroll Southers:  Souther's believes that "terror" (one can hear the sneer-quotes in his voice) should be at a level of "parity" as far as prioritization with global warming and education.

U-6 Unemployment Rises to 17.3 Percent:  On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published the December jobs report, finding that headline unemployment remained "unchanged" at 10 percent as the economy lost another 85,000 jobs.

A Serious Trust Issue:  If we can't trust the Transportation Security Administration or its chief, how can we trust the agency to keep us safe in the air?

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