NetRight Daily: Four Decades of Deceit

Solomaic Mercy for Harry Reid:  After nearly 30 years ensconced in Washington's heady corridors of political power, Harry Reid has worn out his threadbare welcome. The time has come for him to be removed. Assuredly from his lofty position as Senate Majority Leader. Perhaps even from the Senate, itself.

Four Decades of Deceit:  The publication of Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring launched the modern environmental movement. However, it also marked the beginning of a movement that not just tolerated, but encouraged scientists to misrepresent the facts if it helped to create media attention to promote its agenda.

The Embarrassing Episode of the Bozeman Boondoggle:  Sometimes, what seems like the smallest of stories actually has the greatest of ramifications. Such is the case with the tennis court boondoggle story now emerging out of tiny Bozeman, Montana: population 40,000.

The Enslaving Folly of "Shared Sacrifice":  First, and most important, is the fact that America was never intended to be a "liberal democracy." From Day One, we were a constitutional Republic. What's the difference you say? A very big one.

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