NHDP - NHGOP Chair John H. Sununu and Republican Party Deliberately Lies About Rep. Goley

NHGOP Chair issues demonstrably false statement that Rep. Goley voted for a "broad based income tax"

Concord - Tonight, NHGOP Chair John H. Sununu and the Republican Party sent out a press release that deliberately lied about Rep. Jeff Goley's voting record, falsely claiming that he supported a "broad based income tax."
"The fact that Sununu and the Republican Party would lie outright about Rep. Jeff Goley's voting record is outrageous," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Rep. Goley doesn't support an income tax, he has never voted in favor of an income tax, and he would oppose an income tax as the next state Senator of District 16.  Rep. David Boutin should call on Sununu to apologize for lying about Rep. Goley's record and to stop issuing press releases that have no basis in reality."
A thorough review of Rep. Goley's voting record clearly shows that the only time an income tax passed the House (HB109 in 1999) Rep. Goley voted against it.  In fact, the income tax bill was passed by a Republican majority in the house over the objections of Rep. Goley. 
"Of course, Sununu is lying about Rep. Goley's record," continued to Richer.  "He knows that voters don't support Rep. Boutin's positions on the issues so Sununu just decided to start lying."
Rep. Boutin has a long record of voting against working families.  He has voted against expanding unemployment benefits for struggling New Hampshire families, has consistently been an opponent of raising the minimum wage, and didn't support the state W.A.R.N. act which would have given employees advanced notice of impending plant closings and mass layoffs.
"Republicans are entitled to their misguided views on the issues, but they are not allowed to make up their own facts."