Kelly Ayotte Wants to Take New Hampshire's Middle Class Back to George Bush 2.0 - the Tried and Failed Economic Policies that Drove the Country into Recession
CONCORD - As New Hampshire's US Senate race turns the corner into 2010, Republican candidate Kelly Ayotte has yet to provide New Hampshire voters with a plan to create jobs. 
Yesterday, Ayotte again engaged in political attacks rather than offering any innovative or specific ideas for creating jobs in the Granite State. Instead she turned back the clock and recycled talking points from the failed Bush-era economic agenda, which crippled New Hampshire's middle class and left thousands of families across New Hampshire struggling to make ends meet [Union Leader, 1/11/09].
"Kelly Ayotte has yet to unveil a single idea to create jobs that didn't already fail under the Bush economic agenda," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Every single middle class family in this state can tell you what happened when George Bush cut taxes for the rich, let Wall Street trample Main Street, and let Big Oil drive up our gas prices. Yet for some reason, Ayotte wants to move the Granite State backwards."
"Can Kelly Ayotte give New Hampshire voters more than political attacks and offer one economic policy that George Bush didn't already try?" added Browne.