NHDP - Republicans Continue to Choose Partisan Attacks on Health Reform Instead of Offering Real Ideas

Republicans need to explain why they oppose covering 140K+ Granite Staters, reining in abusive insurance industry practices, and addressing ever increasing costs

Concord - Today, Republicans held yet another press conference attacking efforts to make sure more Americans have access to health care and once again, they've failed to offer any real ideas on how to address the serious challenges facing New Hampshire and the country.
"Republicans need to explain to the people of New Hampshire why they refuse to offer any ideas on how to cover the 140 thousand Granite State citizens that are without health insurance," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.
"They also need to explain to the voters why they don't have a plan to deal with health care costs that continue to spiral out of control, or why they oppose the efforts in this legislation to lower prescription drug costs, make sure seniors can afford their prescription drugs, or prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition like breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma."
"Republicans are happy to issue partisan, political attacks. But their silence on any real solutions is deafening," Richer added.
The federal health insurance reform being debated would dramatically improve health care both in New Hampshire and across the country.  In addition to covering 140 thousand uninsured citizens and dealing with ever rising health care costs, the legislation includes a number of provisions that would directly benefit the people of the Granite State including: prohibiting insurance companies from dropping coverage when individuals get sick, banning lifetime limits on coverage, and giving individuals the right to appeal unfair insurance company decisions to an independent party.
The legislation would also establish affordable options in insurance exchanges - a new marketplace where individuals and small businesses can compare cost and quality and pay for the plan that is right for them.  These exchanges would include a guaranteed package of benefits, including free preventive care.  
"Health insurance reform is complex, but critically important," said Richer.  "And if the Republicans really wanted to help the people of the Granite State they would offer real solutions instead of constant partisan attacks.  At the very least, they need to answer why they oppose many of these key provisions in the reform package that would dramatically improve our health care system and help rein in costs."