NHDP - Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on State Senate Special Election

Concord - NHDP Chair, Ray Buckley, issued the following statement on the State Senate special election and Democratic nominee Rep. Jeff Goley.
"The New Hampshire Republican Party has effectively purged its ranks of moderate candidates.  And David Boutin's victory over Terry Pfaff for the Republican nomination is just the latest example of the party putting forward an extreme right wing partisan.  David Boutin does not reflect District 16 or New Hampshire's values."
"While the Republican Party increasingly becomes defined by their most fringe elements, Democrats are working hard to move our state forward and build on our majorities in 2010.   Electing Rep. Jeff Goley as the next State Senator of District 16 is an important first step in meeting this goal.  Rep. Goley's history of fighting for working families and his proven track record in the House make him an ideal State Senator."