AFP - Taking a Stand for Freedom in 2010

2009 in Review

Dear Fellow AFP Activist,

Last year America faced unprecedented threats to our liberty and economic freedom. Fortunately, the unprecedented grassroots outpouring from citizens like YOU made it an extremely difficult year for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama in their efforts to enact a radical liberal agenda.

At the outset of 2009 AFP set our focus on three major national policy threats: Cap-and-Trade, Card Check, and a government takeover of health care. By all accounts, these dangerous legislative initiatives were poised for swift passage, but all across the country Americans took a powerful stand and delivered major setbacks on each of these fronts.

The job-killing, tax-increasing Cap-and-Trade legislation is stalled in the Senate with no signs of progress. Last year AFP held more than 70 Hot Air Tour events across the country exposing the real economic costs of global warming alarmism. Powerful grassroots opposition has thwarted the Senate from passing this economically devastating legislation that will cost so many American jobs and would constitute the biggest tax increase in American history.

Liberals in Congress were forced to put their deceivingly labeled "Employee Free Choice Act" on the back burner after citizens stood up to protect their rights in the workplace. This dangerous Card Check legislation would effectively take away the right to a secret ballot, clearing the way for Big Labor to pressure and intimidate workers into forced unionization. Thousands of citizen activists joined AFP's "Save My Ballot Tour" to put pressure on key lawmakers, helping to force this issue off of the year's legislative agenda.

President Obama made Health Care his top legislative priority in 2009 and conventional wisdom held that it would easily sail through both houses of Congress last summer. However, Congress struggled to meet President Obama's arbitrary deadlines and barely managed to pass separate bills in the House and Senate, forcing them back to the drawing board. This battle is far from over, and it's because Americans like you have stood up in unprecedented numbers to make your voices heard at rallies and town hall meetings throughout the year.

I know these fights have been long, and sometimes frustrating, but we have succeeded in forcing these battles beyond 2009 and have a strong chance of prevailing on each of these legislative battles this year.

Even though we faced many uphill challenges last year, freedom fighters like you answered the call time after time to defend the common sense principles that make our country so great.

The radical left isn't going to give up without a fight, which means we'll need your continued support. Let's keep the pressure on. You're making a difference with every phone call, letter, e-mail, and office visit.

In 2010 AFP will continue to send updates, similar to what is below, on a monthly basis to give you a better grasp on what's happening in the organization.

Thank you for all of your efforts in 2009. Let's have another strong year in 2010.


Stop a Washington Takeover of the Internet

Over the past two decades, the Internet has emerged as an unparalleled example of free market success in action, but the Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with proposed "Open Internet" rules, which would give federal regulators vast new powers, and ultimately lead to government control of the Internet.

As the head of the RightOnline™ Internet activism education program, I know what a huge blow to our movement increased government power to regulate the Internet would be.

AFP has already collected over 18,000 comments during the public comment period, which ends TOMORROW.  If you haven't joined our effort yet, we'd really appreciate you signing up here:

Please get your comments in by noon Eastern on January 14th, when we will file them all in the official FCC docket. 

For more information on this critical issue, I hope you'll take a moment to read Phil Kerpen's new piece from on the FCC's Internet regulatory power grab.

The internet has become a powerful communications and economic force because it has been free from government interference. To ensure that the power and promise of the internet continues, we need to protect it as both a free marketplace of commerce and of ideas.

Erik Telford


Recent National Highlights

Petition to President Obama and Congress: Let the Cameras In

President Obama promised to broadcast health care negotiations on C-SPAN. It is widely believed that the negotiations will be entirely hidden from the public. This is not transparency, and the American people deserve better.

Sign our petition telling President Obama and Congress to Let the Cameras In here.

Tell Senator Ben Nelson "NO" Rally

After Senator Nelson sold his vote at the taxpayer's expense, Americans for Prosperity organized an emergency rally with Governor Mike Huckabee to tell Sen. Nelson to vote with the people of Nebraska and stop the government take over of our health care.

To get the full story and pictures click here.

Recent Local Highlights

Membership Survey

Dedicated free market activists like you are what keeps AFP effective in the fight for economic freedom. We want to learn more about you and how we can improve our future efforts. We have prepared a short survey that will help us provide you with the best resources to promote limited government and individual freedom.

Your feedback is essential to our success. Please take a few minutes to complete our membership survey by clicking here.

Coming up at AFP

2010 promises to be another challenging year - but filled with challenges we will win!

State Budgets

AFP will continue to battle federal issues while re-focusing our attention on upcoming state budget battles. As states face large deficits, AFP will fight to stop the tax and spend policies so many local governments have become accustomed to.

To read more about these issues click here.

Global Warming

While cap-and-trade has lost momentum in the Senate, the EPA is attempting to implement a sweeping global warming agenda without a vote of Congress. AFP will continue to hold the EPA accountable and demand that Congress does the same.

To read more about the EPA's power grab click here.

Internet Freedom

AFP's very own Phil Kerpen broke the story of the Left's attempt to implement strict Internet regulations on The Glenn Beck Show just a few months ago. These regulations would make the Internet a government-owned utility. This is yet another government takeover which AFP will work tirelessly to stop.

To see Phil's segment on Glenn Beck click here.