CHQ - Support Candidates Pledged to Elect New Leaders

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@RichardViguerie    RINOs not an issue. Americans angry at GOP for being CINOs-Conservatives in name only. Support candidates pledged to elect new leaders.#tcot

Tea Party Candidate Wins Seat In Tennessee State Legislature - "Mark White, the Tea Party backed candidate who earlier scored an upset victory in the Republican primary, last night won a resounding victory in a special election for a seat in the Tennessee General Assembly. White won the race in the 83rd District with 68% of the vote. Mark Skoda, organizer of the Memphis Tea Party, the group which backed White early on, credited the on the ground get-out-the vote efforts of local tea party members for White's primary and general election wins."

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Democrats, GOP, Tea Party groups, others plan rallies at Sen. Reid visit in Las Colinas, Texas 

Dallas Morning News - "U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's scheduled appearance Friday in Las Colinas could turn North Texas into a public pulpit for some of the nation's most politically divisive issues. Loyal Democrats are anxious to attend a planned fund-raiser and show support for the embattled Nevada senator and their Congress-dominating party. Texas Republican leaders are urging their faithful to stand outside the event and voice opposition to proposed health care legislation.

"Tea Party leaders say their supporters are almost certainly attending and are likely to also express disdain for how Democrats have handled the economy. A local Hispanic activist wants Latinos to protest the lack of efforts to overhaul federal immigration laws."

Coakley Campaign Attacks Tea Party "Devil"    
Michael Graham- "Martha Coakley's left-wing allies have been attacking and insulting tea party attendees and town hall participants for months.  Her campaign just sent out a press release attacking Scott Brown for 'embracing' support from tea party 'radicals.' "

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