NetRight Daily: Today's Top News

Michael Steele Has Lost the Support of His Party:  Michael Steele was supposed to drive the Republican Party out of the wilderness. Instead, he is driving the party to distraction.

Airline Security... A Very Serious Oxymoron:  All this talk about profiling is just a right-wing knee jerk reaction to the failure of one terrorist who tried to blow up his fellow passengers and couldn't pull it off. Had he accomplished his mission we would now all be celebrating with an Alah Akbarh shout out. Wait one minute, that's right. I'm not actually a terrorist. I'm just treated like one every time I fly. Pardon my confusion while I cancel the celebration.

Let the Sunshine Begin With the Fed:  On Tuesday January 12th 2010, the Federal Reserve, in a last ditch effort, asked a U.S. Court of appeals to block a lower court decision that would finally shed some light on where and how trillions of dollars of the public's money was spent.

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