Cornerstone says decline due to Lynch's unpopular stance on fiscal and social issues 

Manchester, NH - The well respected national polling organization, Rasmussen Reports, has released their latest poll today on Governor Lynch's favorable and unfavorable numbers.  As expected, the Governor's favorability rating has plummeted 8 points, from 66% to 58%, since the poll was last taken in September.  His unfavorable rating increased from 34% to 38%.  Of those, 19% strongly disapprove of the job he is doing.  See the entire analysis HERE. 

Lynch's current poll numbers represent his lowest favorability rating since Rasmussen began polling on him.  Commenting on the sharp decline in Lynch's poll numbers was Cornerstone-Action's Director, Kevin Smith:

"This new poll is a strong indicator that not only is Governor Lynch vulnerable going into this year's election, but that his highly unpopular positions of having supported things like the LLC tax, increased state spending, and gay marriage have not played well with New Hampshire voters.  The Governor's poll numbers are only going to continue to tumble from this point forward as the citizens begin to realize the mess he's put the state in by having constantly capitulated to the most radical far-left legislature in the state's history."