NetRight Daily: Health Care Penalty Tax Emerges

Health Care Penalty Tax on the Horizon?:  It looks like the Unions, Obama and Pelosi have struck a deal. And their deal will punish those that are not part of the Union Class. Right to Work states will soon be feeling the heavy hand of government for not being aligned with the Labor Unions if a new provision in the Health Care bill is allowed to pass.

ALG Urges Right-to-Work Members of Congress to Oppose "Cadillac" Health Care Tax:  Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a letter urged members of Congress from 22 "right-to-work" states to oppose a 40 percent excise tax on non-union health care plans that "will hit your states and districts particularly hard, and is grossly unfair to non-union workers."

 Green Jobs, Red Ink, Pink Slips:  The "New Socialism" -- as columnist Charles Krauthammer adroitly calls the global governmental power grab and wealth redistribution schemes lurking beneath the "green economy" -- has kicked into high gear in Washington, D.C. already this year.

Clawing Back for Funds:  It's a new year and the economy can't improve soon enough for cash-strapped cities, counties, and states across the country. With receipts from income taxes falling due to high unemployment, property tax dollars declining thanks to shrinking home values, and sales tax revenue flat despite increasing rates in many areas, state and local governments are searching hard for money to pay their bills.

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