NHDP - Club for Growth Releases Pledge to Repeal Health Care for Middle Class Families – Will Ayotte Sign On?

Establishment Candidate Kelly Ayotte has Already Chased Club for Growth Approval - Will She Sign Their Pledge to Repeal Coverage for 157,000 NH  Residents and Tax Credits for 16,800 NH Small Businesses?

CONCORD - The far-right, extremist group Club for Growth launched an effort today to secure pledges from Republican candidates across the country to fight to repeal the landmark health care legislation currently being finalized in the US House and Senate [Repealit.org, 1/14/09]. Kelly Ayotte, Ovide Lamontagnge and Bill Binnie have all been outspoken opponents of the historic legislation, fighting against a bill which will bring down health care costs for families across the Granite State. [Concord Monitor, 1/8/10] - which ones will take the pledge?

Kelly Ayotte, for one, has already been down in Washington to court the extremist group's support as she races to the far-right wing of her party. After the meeting, Club for Growth Executive Director David Keating called her "a very impressive candidate" [Union Leader, 11/12/09].  Ayotte has also been chasing the endorsement of of uber-conservative Sen. Jim Demint, who is one of two candidates thus far to sign the Club's pledge. [Politico, 11/23/09]
"As part of her extreme-right makeover, Kelly Ayotte has been fighting against health care reform for New Hampshire's middle class families as she courts the endorsement of the Club for Growth," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Will she and the other Republican candidates practice what they preach and sign on? Will they commit to spending their hypothetical senate careers taking away essential New Hampshire consumer protections like mammograms and ob/gyn care, coverage for 157,000 New Hampshire residents, and tax credits for 16,800 small businesses?"
The Club's pledge, released today, asks candidates to sign the following: "I hereby pledge to the people of my state/district to sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal health care takeover passed in 2010, and replace it with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government" [Repealit.org, 1/14/10].