NHDP - Jack Kimball Opens New Front in GOP Civil War

Candidate's kickoff event heaps praise on Tea Party movement and calls for takeover of Republican Party

Concord - Today, Jack Kimball opened a new front in the GOP civil war during his campaign kickoff event.  Assailing the Republican Party, Kimball railed against former GOP Governors of New Hampshire and then New Hampshire's Tea Party leader openly declared his plans to "take back the Republican Party."

"The GOP is engaged in a full scale civil war," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "From Kimball's plan to take over the Republican Party to Jennifer Horn's op-ed railing against 'squishy Republicans,' it's clear the GOP is going to spend most of 2010 fighting among themselves.
The GOP establishment appears to be terrified of a Kimball candidacy, probably because they know he might win the nomination.  In an interview with Fosters late last year, the current chair of the GOP did contortions to avoid mentioning Kimball as a potential candidate for Governor.
And while Jack Kimball was out warning the public about the "communist and socialist" takeover of America and purchasing large amounts of ammunition for the "serious things coming," the former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party was warning his faction of the party of the political perils of pandering to its most fringe elements. 
Kimball is only one of the new faces of the Republican Party pushing reckless proposals that are dangerous for the Granite State.  Some Republican legislators have even recently worked to delay providing electric assistance to 8,000 struggling families and to kick 1500 kids off their health insurance by making them ineligible for Health Kids Silver.
"The Tea Party movement is the Republican Party today," added Richer.  "But in these tough times, we need proven leaders who will work across the aisle to solve problems, not right wing extremists that the Republican Party is offering."