NHDP - When Will Rep. Boutin Disavow False Attacks on Rep. Goley?

Republican Party issues false statement about Rep. Goley's record, Republican nominee's silence on the issue is deafening

Concord -  As of Wednesday, Rep. David Boutin, Republican candidate for state senate in District 16, has not disavowed the Republican Party's false statements about Rep. Jeff Goley's legislative record.
The Republican Party intentionally ignored Rep. Goley's decade long voting record opposing an income tax and issued a statement using information from a website that has since been proven incorrect.   Upon re-reviewing the 2002 survey submitted by Rep. Goley, the organization, Project VoteSmart, has corrected their website to reflect Goley's longstanding opposition to an income tax.
"David Boutin's silence on this issue is deafening," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "He should immediately disavow the false attacks on Rep. Goley's record.  The people of District 16 deserve an honest debate about the issues, and not the spreading of false information to score cheap political points," Richer added.