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Congress Should Say No to the Health Care Penalty Tax:  Emerging from his closed door, backroom meetings with top union bosses, Barack Obama has come up with his most unique proposal yet for providing what he terms "quality health care": impose sky-high tax penalties on those who need and use health care most. And then force non-union workers to foot the bill for his new Health Care Tax Penalty.

Obama's Interpol Deception:  "There is nothing newsworthy here." Believe it or not, this was the only comment offered by Barack Obama's White House after it shredded the U.S. Constitution (again) by removing Reagan era restrictions on the domestic powers of the International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol. "Nothing newsworthy here?"

Heading to Boston:  I'll be heading up to Boston in the coming hours to report on the activities of ACORN and Labor Unions in the upcoming Tuesday election in Massachusetts. Be sure to check out NRN and Washington News Alert for constant updates over the next several days. As always, I'll be sending updates out through Twitter.

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