AFP - Congress Cuts Blatant Deal with Unions

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Last night in closed-door secret negotiations, President Obama cut a sweetheart deal with the big labor unions to exempt them from taxes that this health care takeover will levy on millions of Americans.

In all the years I've been in the political world, I've never seen a deal this brazen, this outrageous - and of course they did it in secret.

If you haven't signed our petition to let C-SPAN cameras show the health care negotiations, please sign now. Click here to tell Congress and the administration it is way past time to let the American people see what is going on behind closed doors.

Taxing Americans' health insurance plans is one way Congress intends to pay for its health care takeover, which will cost us trillions of dollars. But the unions just couldn't stand to be treated like everyone else, and the Democrats agreed to exempt them from the insurance tax until 2018.

This is just wrong. We've all been waiting to see what kind of deals would make up the final health care bill - and this is blatant favoritism for a liberal special interest.

We haven't asked you to contact your members of Congress in awhile, but this is definitely worth a phone call, e-mail and letter. Tell your senators and representative not to give the unions special favors at taxpayers' expense!

Click HERE to call your senators and representative and click HERE to email them.

It's not over yet!


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Tim Phillips

P.S. Please sign the petition to let the C-SPAN cameras in and then tell your elected officials to say NO to the unions.

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