CHQ - You Can Send THEM a Message Tuesday

Tuesday's Senate election in Massachusetts is your chance to tell politicians: "We are frightened and angry about your wild and reckless spending."

So please, look through your address book and rack your brain for 5 or 10 minutes to see who you know in Massachusetts.  Then call your friends right away and tell them to vote on Tuesday.

Maybe you have a relative, friend, or college roommate in Massachusetts. Also, why not ask your friends and neighbors, and people you'll see in church on Sunday, if they know anyone in Massachusetts who needs to be reminded to vote?

You can send Them a message Tuesday.

Concerned but encouraged,

Richard A. Viguerie

PS:  You can encourage Massachusetts voters to cast ballots that will be felt throughout the nation, especially in Washington, D.C.  This election can send every politician in the country a powerful message that Americans are disgusted with corruption, crime, cronyism, and socialism. And if fed-up citizens can win in liberal Massachusetts, they can knock others out of office as well.

By the way, in addition to phone calls, please consider forwarding my email to your like-minded friends urging them to contact their Massachusetts friends.