Horn For Congress - Know Someone in Massachusetts?

Tomorrow, in the Massachusetts special election between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley, the unbelievable just may happen: a Republican could win!

Scott Brown has been endorsed by a variety of voices, from Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the Tea Party Express, but most importantly, he has been endorsed by the people  of Massachusetts, because he understands how big government and out of control spending hurts real people every day.

Even though Scott is running in our neighbor state, a win for Scott is a win for small-government conservatives across America. You can help make it happen.

Take just a few minutes - right now - and make a phone call or send an email to  everyone you know who lives in Massachusetts.

Tell them how impressed you are by Scott's message of fiscal responsibility and urge them to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17th, for Scott Brown. Your small effort right now could make the difference in what is looking like a very close election.

We can stop the radical agenda of this Congress and make government work for us again.

So please, join me in reaching out to all of your friends and co-workers in Massachusetts and urge them to cast a vote for accountable government by voting tomorrow for Scott Brown.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Horn