CHQ - Conservatives Must Rise To The Challenge In Massachusetts

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@RichardViguerie   Mass. voters in foul mood and could send Brown to US Senate by over 10 points (a landslide). Obama will set Dem. Party back a generation.

Conservatives Should Take Nothing for Granted in Massachusetts Senate Race Tomorrow

Riehl World View - "So many Democrats think like Euro-socialists today and Obama's agenda is so critical to them, don't think they won't do anything to win this race. They will. For Scott Brown to win, it will take all the votes ... being counted, with Brown then having an un-contestable edge and subsequently being sworn in.

"If we take anything for granted before that point, we will most likely come out on the losing end...To win will require a virtual voter bomb for Scott Brown."

Daily Lickskillet: The Underground Academy 

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Scott Brown Campaign Shows Success of Conservatives on the Internet
New York Times (Ross Douthat)  - "For a brief ... moment, late in the 2008 campaign, Democrats thought that they might own the Internet... A year later, some of the Democrats' advantage is still there. But it's been crumbling ever since Obama took office. Republican politicians have taken over Twitter. Sarah Palin has 1.2 million followers on Facebook. And in liberal Massachusetts, Scott Brown, the Republican Senate candidate, has used Internet fund-raising to put the fear of God into the Bay State's establishment."

Norm Coleman Won't Run for Governor of Minnesota
Hot Air (Ed Morrissey)  - "A bit of a surprise here in Minnesota came late yesterday when former Senator Norm Coleman took himself out of the governor's race.  Until yesterday, most assumed that Coleman would launch a late bid just before the caucuses begin in February, joining a race that already has 21 announced Republican, DFL (Democratic), and Independence Party candidates." 

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