Watchdogs Head to Massachusetts for Special Election

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow the people of Massachusetts will vote for their next U.S. Senator. This election is not only important to the 6.5 million residents of Massachusetts but means that there will be a new voice in Congress voting on legislation that affects you and your family.

But obtaining the news and on the ground coverage that you need to learn about the candidates can be problematic when your local news can’t afford to send a reporter across town, let alone to Massachusetts. That is why Franklin Center deployed investigative journalists from all over the country to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to follow this election and provide readers with another source of unbiased news content. Reporters from the East, Midwest, South, and West Coast landed in various cities around Massachusetts over the weekend and have hit the ground running reporting on voter turnout, candidate platforms, and transparency and accountability in the election process. 

An initiative of the Franklin Center’s, these journalists based at state-based think tanks and non-profit organizations will be a window into the election process and provide the news that you deserve to know. These reporters will be producing original news content that will be available to the mainstream media, bloggers, and anyone interested in this election at no cost.  This is the first time that non-profit journalists from the Franklin Center’s are coming together to cover a story with great national significance. 

The reporters will be posting regular updates and stories on their state and local websites.  But to get updates and breaking news you can follow our Watchdogs on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit for more information.

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